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Some Healing Stories

A mother’s story – November 2017

In June this year a woman came into Healing Rooms for prayer; she was approx 16 weeks pregnant at this point with her first child.  She was suffering with very severe headaches so first we prayed about them and they became very much better almost immediately.   The pregnancy though was not as straightforward. She had been told by the doctors at the hospital that she had very large fibroids in her womb and they were a potential high risk and she may not carry the baby full term. They said it would be good if she could get to 22 weeks but that that might not be possible.  We stood together with her and prayed that she would carry a happy healthy baby to its full term and deliver normally.  On the occasions that we prayed mum allowed a team member to place hands on her stomach and whenever this was done the baby leapt in the womb!

The pregnancy continued and at 37 weeks mum was still being told she would not have a normal delivery but would need a C section.  At 39 weeks however they acknowledged that she might be able to deliver normally but the consultant would need to be present to monitor.  A week later a healthy baby girl weighing over 7lbs was delivered in a STRAIGHTFORWARD, NORMAL DELIVERY.    We had the privilege of meeting her a few weeks ago and praying for God’s plans and purposes over her life.

As for the fibroids – no surgery is required and mum was told just to see her GP if she has any problems.

We serve a Mighty God!!


Prakash’s story – September 2016
” I was little greedy and asked for 2 prayers. One was for me to remain cancer free and the other one which was answered was for my cat Ethel who was not eating all week and had been moping around. Nobody knew what was wrong, even the vets were stumped. Yesterday around 6pm she ate for the first time this week and has continued to recover this morning too. She seems to be getting back to her normal self. My prayers were answered. Thank you and thanks to the HR”


Ted’s story – February 2014

Summer 2013

Ted was suffering with a chesty cough, wheezing and dizzy spells.  He carried on working as a scaffolder even though he felt unwell.  During this time Ted visited the doctors and was given a week of penicillin, a week of antibiotics and five days of steroids.  However none of this worked.  An asthma pump he already had sometimes helped.

September 2013

Ted’s doctor sent him for a chest x-ray, the results of which showed a shadow on his left lung.  The doctor suggested it could be lung cancer or heart disease and he would possibly need a lung transplant.  However, the doctor was unsure what it was at this time but knew the shadow on his lung needed further investigation and treatment.  The next stage was a CAT Scan.

Ted was scared as he left the doctor, thinking about how his wife and children would cope without him.

October 2013

CAT Scan came.  Ted was feeling so ill and sick afterwards.

Nearly a month later the results came through.  At this stage Ted was still coughing and wheezing on and off.  The doctor gave Ted the results – it wasn’t chronic heart disease or lung cancer as was suspected.  The doctor said it was good news!  The shadow on the lung from the x-ray to CAT Scan could be the start of mild emphysema and the shadow was minimal.

7th November 2013

Ted visited the chest specialist and was given a breath measuring inhaler to measure exhaling breath.  The results of this measurement over a period of time showed that for a man of his age the count should be 500.  Ted’s has been 350 in the morning and 500 in the afternoon.  Also two blood tests were completed and the results were normal.

During all of this Ted confessed he had not been looking to God at first.  Around the time of his x-ray Ted had to have 3-4 days off work.  It was then that he sought God for himself.  Gradually he got a little better but when Ted was told the shadow had been found he felt ill again and took the news badly, questioning why??  He felt there was something wrong.

Ted’s home group prayed for him.  He then went to the Monday night Healing Rooms, making an agreement with Jesus saying” I’ll meet you there.”  This was a big thing for Ted to go to Healing Rooms.  Unbeknown to Ted the healing team during worship and prayer (prior to opening that evening’s Healing Rooms) had a real sense that Jesus was sitting with them like he did with his disciples.  They felt very blessed.  At that time they didn’t know who was going to arrive.

After praying for Ted he revealed the agreement that he made with Jesus.  The healing team were amazed and full of joy as they realised that Jesus had not only come to bless them, he was waiting for Ted!!  Ted believed that he was going to be healed.  He sat in his car afterwards and said, “Ok Jesus, heal me”.

The night before the CAT Scan the Elders of the church visited Ted, anointing him with oil and praying over him.

Ted is free from the shadow on his lung, suspecting lung cancer/chronic heart disease/lung transplant – THANK YOU JESUS!!!

The final conclusion of the mild emphysema – WATCH THIS SPACE!!

C’s story
I received a prayer cloth for pain in my hips. I kissed the prayer cloth and declared ‘Lord, I believe you can heal me.’ I laid the prayer cloth on my hips that night as I went to sleep. The next morning I was able to get up out of bed freely without any stiffness or pain and it has been easier to walk.
M’s story
I was diagnosed with an adenoma in the bowl. I was prayed for at the Healing Rooms, when I was investigated again it had gone. Thank you Lord.
Nathan’s story
I had a bad back and sciatica in my right leg caused by stress. After 3 visits to the healing rooms the back has eased, and the sciatica went completely. Thank you all, and praise God.

Chris’ story

In July/August 2011 I noticed a spot on my forehead was getting bigger. I just thought it was nothing to worry about and would go down in due course. By mid-September it was looking much bigger so my husband said I should go to the doctors. I booked to see the practise nurse who called in a doctor as she wanted his opinion. This doctor diagnosed it as a BCC (basal cell carcinoma) a form of skin cancer and that it needed treatment as soon as possible. This was confirmed by two consultants at the Wellesley and it would need cutting out.

My faith was tested and I began to dig into the Gospels where Jesus healed people. I declared “healing” scriptures and went for prayer at the Healing Rooms (at the Plaza Centre) and at St Andrews. On one occasion at the Healing Rooms at St Andrews I felt an intense heat on the area even though no-one was touching it. Within a ten day period it started to get smaller and this strengthened my faith.

I made an appointment within a couple of weeks to go back to the doctor who was amazed that it had reduced in size and did not appear as a BCC. The doctors asked me what I had done and I told them that I believed that Jesus had healed me. As of today (20/11/11) there is only a slight mark where it had been. Praise God !

George’s story

“I was involved in a road accident. I sustained multiple injuries and almost lost my life. (4 weeks in Intensive Care Unit). Since that date I have frequently suffered pain and discomfort because of the injuries to my stomach. During the last two years I have been obliged to cancel arrangements on numerous occasions being unfit to travel for holidays or visiting friends. This is at least once a week. You prayed for my pain and discomfort to be healed. Your prayers were answered!!!!! Since that date which is now eight weeks ago I have had no bad problems with my stomach which has made life much more bearable.”

Natalie’s story

“I went for routine breast examination and was called back for a biopsy. They found abnormal cells and took me on for more investigative surgery. I received prayer and even though I was told by the hospital that further surgery was likely, when I returned for my results I was told that all of the cells were now normal.”

Joan’s story

“I had cataracts in both eyes – one was removed from the right – the left to be removed in about 6 week’s time, in the meantime it was discovered by optician that my left eye was completely clear. It still remains so today. I had prayer through the prayer team.”

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